If you would like to schedule a consultation, please reach out to me at or submit an appointment request here on the website and include the following information:

1) Main idea (character, topic, film, etc.)

2) Placement. Where would you like the tattoo? Please provide a photograph of the part of your body where you would like the tattoo.

3) Please attach relevant photographs and reference material for the concept you have in mind. As a custom artist, I typically do not replicate your ideas/images directly from your reference material. I prefer to use your reference materials to develop a one-of-a kind piece of art designed specifically for you.

When you come for your consultation, please come alone. This will help me to focus on getting YOU what you you want.


Once we meet for the consultation and we agree on the vision and location of your piece, we will schedule your first session.

I typically book full day sessions which start at 12:00pm when the shop opens and last for approximately 5 hours. Obviously,

length of sessions and number of sessions will vary based upon the concept, size, details, etc. of the piece. I am also flexible, if

you need to start later; however, I do ask that you don’t schedule anything afterwards so that the session is not rushed.


I encourage all my clients to come to each session after eating a healthy meal and staying adequately hydrated. Please also

dress appropriately for the location of your piece (ex: if you are getting a tattoo on your leg, bring shorts). Please also bring

something to wear in case you get cold. I shouldn’t have to say this, but please come showered and fresh! I will do the same

for you :) Please limit your support team to one person so that I may focus on your piece.


I currently work out of Black Diamond Tattoo Studio in Los Angeles, California. I am available at the Mar Vista location (12206

Venice Blvd.) on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and the Venice location (412 Lincoln Blvd.) Thursday-Saturday. Please contact me

directly to schedule an appointment. I also do guest spots and attend conventions worldwide. You can find my availability on

my blog as well as on my social media accounts.


If you need to re-schedule your appointment, please let me know at least 48 hours in advance so that I may re-book your time slot. If you need to cancel, I also request 48 hours notice. Deposits are non-refundable for cancellations. If you end up re-booking within 6 months, I will apply your original deposit if you provided appropriate notice for your cancellation.


I handle cover-ups on a case-by-case basis. If you submit, please mention if it’s a cover-up and include a photograph of the piece you would like covered.

I look forward to working with you!

Thank you!